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Recruitment, Training, And Safety Policy

We, GALAXY SECURITY SERVICES, follow a concise and strict policy in recruitment, training, and safety lessons. We as a Private Security Agency not only developed ourselves as recruitment and training experts but also our the team engaged in research and development of modern techniques of security arrangement to teach the recruited security personnel to easily cope up of various security threats of these days. A family full of well-known ex-servicemen, Legal Experts, and social personalities are the crux of our team.

With the change of time, we have developed our Recruitment Process as follows:-


In order to provide reliable security personnel, we follow both online and traditional recruitment methods. After receiving applications from the various sources we conduct preliminary viva-voce followed by written examination, basic IT, health, and weight checkup. We check applicants’ loyalty, honesty while conducting recruitment by our highly professional executive.

The Physical fitness for the Security Personnel is being maintained by us as guided by the Private Security Agencies Regulations (Rules) 2007. Based on that the candidates are provisionally shortlisted with us until final verification of character and antecedents of the candidates from the Police Authorities.


We provide professional training to the security Guards, Supervisors, Lady Guards, Armed Guards, etc. in compliance with the PSARA Act and Rules. Training includes Classroom sessions and field training as per the syllabus prescribed under Private Security Agencies Regulations (Rules) 2007. Our syllabus includes Physical Security Management, Fire fighting, and first aid, general awareness of Disaster Management, Covid -19 Awareness, Basic Legal knowledge as indicated in PSARA Rules 2007. Drill, PT, handling of security tools and Walkie Talkie, Soft skill, and English speaking along with basic IT knowledge.


Finally, an orientation program is conducted to give site-specific training prior to deployment.

General Terms & Conditions Of Deployment

  1. Only experienced/trained guards will be provided to your prestigious site. Site-specific training will be provided by our experienced and ex-serviceman Trainers.
  2. The Staff will wear a uniform which will be provided by us to our staff members.
  3. Our personnel shall be under your administrative control and will perform duties as per instructions.
  4. The security staff will have the full right to check any visitor or belongings in case of any doubt.
  5. The security will maintain the material movement register, visitors in/out record register at the Premises on the prescribed format if urged by the agreed party.
  6. Proper communication facilities in the Guard Cabin to be made available for better response in a short time.
  7. A minimum of 15 days’ lead-time may be asked for selection, training, and deployment of security personnel.
  8. The agreed party will not employ any of our staff members directly or indirectly even after the termination of the contract.
  9. The contract will be for a specific time period which will be mentioned in the Service Agreement.
  10. The contract will be subject to termination on either side by giving one month’s advance notice.
  11. The charges for hiring the personnel should be paid as early as possible in the following month.
  12. Adherence to COVID-19 related protocols and duties assigned thereof.
  13. The above list is not exhaustive. Any additional security needs as and when felt by the Client shall be communicated and has to be adhered to.